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Discover top spirits deals in Malaysia! Wide selection of whisky, tequila, brandy, gin & more.


Discover the best spirits deals in Malaysia! Explore our wide selection of spirits, including whisky, tequila, brandy, gin, and more. We offer great prices, authentic products, renowned brands, and quick alcohol delivery across Malaysia!

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Monin Cherry Brandy
Monin Cherry Brandy Sale price RM125.00
Monin 'Earl Grey Tea' Liqueur
Monin 'Earl Grey Tea' Liqueur Sale price RM125.00
Monin Orange Curacao
Monin Orange Curacao Sale price RM125.00
Save 13%Choya 'Yuzu' Japanese Citrus Fruit Liqueur - AlbertWines2u
Choya 'Yuzu' Japanese Citrus Fruit Liqueur Sale price RM130.00 Regular price RM150.00
Monin 'Amaretto' Liqueur
Monin 'Amaretto' Liqueur Sale price RM130.00
Camus Drink Set (3 PCS) - AlbertWines2uCamus Drink Set (3 PCS) - AlbertWines2u
Camus Drink Set (3 PCS) Sale price RM130.00
Cointreau Orange Liqueur
Cointreau Orange Liqueur Sale price RM135.00
Sold outJose Cuervo 'Especial Silver' Tequila
Monin Liqueur de Cafe
Monin Liqueur de Cafe Sale price RM135.00
Camus 'Borderies' Cognac Miniature Collection 2 in 1 SetCamus 'Borderies' Cognac Miniature Collection 2 in 1 Set
Raimon Isuke Sake (1800ml)
Raimon Isuke Sake (1800ml) Sale price RM138.00
Sold outFrangelico Liqueur
Frangelico Liqueur Sale price RM139.00
Sold outBols Kirsch
Bols Kirsch Sale price RM140.00
Sold outJose Cuervo 'Especial Gold' Tequila
Sold outDisaronno 'Originale' Amaretto
Disaronno 'Originale' Amaretto Sale price RM146.00
Save 40%Skyy 'Infusions' Citrus Vodka (Stock Clearance)
Skyy 'Infusions' Citrus Vodka (Stock Clearance) Sale price RM147.00 Regular price RM245.00
Pimm's 'Original No1'
Pimm's 'Original No1' Sale price RM148.00
Save 14%Smirnoff 'No21' Vodka
Smirnoff 'No21' Vodka Sale price RM150.00 Regular price RM175.00
Sierra 'Reposado' Tequila - AlbertWines2u
Sierra 'Reposado' Tequila Sale price RM155.00
Sierra 'Silver' Tequila - AlbertWines2u
Sierra 'Blanco' Tequila Sale price RM155.00
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