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Monin 'Amaretto' Liqueur

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Monin Amaretto Liqueur is a classic and indulgent liqueur crafted by Monin, a renowned producer of premium syrups and flavorings. Inspired by the rich and nutty flavors of traditional Italian amaretto, this liqueur offers a deliciously sweet and aromatic addition to cocktails, mocktails, and culinary creations.

With its distinct almond flavor, enhanced by notes of apricot and vanilla, Monin Amaretto Liqueur brings warmth and depth to a variety of beverages and dishes. Whether mixed with coffee for a comforting Amaretto Latte, combined with whiskey and cream for a luscious Amaretto Sour, or used to flavor desserts and baked goods, this liqueur adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to every sip and bite.

Monin 'Amaretto' Liqueur
Monin 'Amaretto' Liqueur Sale priceRM130.00

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