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Kame Maboroshi Shochu

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Kame Maboroshi is brewed in a vault using traditional skills. Sweet potatoes produced in the Satsuma region of a variety known as Kogane-senkan are used as the raw materials and are left to brew slowly in the same time-tested urns. The unrefined liquor is stored in unglazed earthenware pots in a stone-built storehouse with little variation in temperature.It is then allowed to mature over a long period of time, eventually resulting in the emergence of authentic imo-jochu, or sweet potato spirit. The liquor is able to breathe through the pots, thus enhancing its mature and rounded flavor. This is a shochu liquor brewed and stored in earthenware pots that takes full advantage of the innate powers of earthenware, many of which still surpass human understanding.  You are sure to enjoy the soft, refined aroma and the deep, mature flavor of this outstanding liquor.

Kame Maboroshi Shochu
Kame Maboroshi Shochu Sale priceRM168.00

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