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Henri Bardouin Pastis


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A complex and elegant Grand Cru, Henri Bardouin Pastis is not just any aniseed spirit. Its secret lies in the perfect blend of over 65 plants and spices that have been picked, macerated, distilled and balanced to perfection. Henri Bardouin Pastis is made by hand, guided each step of the way by its unique experience and savoir-faire. The ingredients selected to go into Henri Bardouin Pastis are sourced far and wide: star anise from China; liquorice from Turkey; grains of paradise from the Great Lakes region; Tonka beans from Guyana, cardamom from the Indian Ocean…and the list goes on.Henri Bardouin Pastis is drunk as an aperitif, completed with water. Generally, six volumes of cold water are added for one volume of pastis. A pastis for tasting requires a greater dilution than industrial pastis, in order to appreciate its fine aromatic flavors. The only pastis to be awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris Agricultural Show (Concours General Agricole de Paris), Henri Bardouin Pastis distinguishes itself from other pastis by its elegance and richness of flavor.


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Henri Bardouin





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Distillery de Lure was founded in 1898 in Forcalquier. For nearly 80 years, it has been a succession of owners, including Henri Bardouin, a man fascinated by plants. Then, it was in 1974 that Alain Robert with a small team takes over the company now renamed Distilleries et Domaines de Provence. Many of our iconic brands have existed since the origin of the distillery, like Farigoule or Gentiane de Lure, others have been developed over time, taking into account changing tastes and consumption patterns.

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