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Vieux Chateau Certan - Pomerol 2017

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Vieux Château Certan stands as a timeless icon of Bordeaux's winemaking tradition, nestled in the revered Pomerol appellation. With a heritage dating back to the late 18th century, this historic estate embodies the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship, and terroir expression. Situated on the renowned clay and gravel soils of Pomerol, Vieux Château Certan's vineyards yield grapes of exceptional quality, reflecting the unique characteristics of the region. Revered for its unwavering commitment to excellence, the estate produces wines celebrated for their finesse, complexity, and age-worthiness. As a beacon of Pomerol's esteemed winemaking heritage, Vieux Château Certan continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide with its distinguished wines, each bottle a testament to centuries of tradition and dedication.

Vieux Chateau Certan - Pomerol 2017 - AlbertWines2u
Vieux Chateau Certan - Pomerol 2017 Sale priceRM1,640.00

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