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Pazo Torre Penelas 'Blanco Granito' Albarino

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Blanco Granito is the first wine to be fermented and aged in Galician granite. This project pays homage to ancestral winemaking by using innovative egg-shaped, granite vats – the predominate and almost exclusive bedrock found in Rías Baixas. The porosity of the granite is key to constant micro-oxygenation, which heightens the wine’s aromas and gives it the earthy salinity of the rock.

The egg-shaped vats facilitate the movement of the wine and maintain the lees in suspension. This increases unctuosity and volume in the mouth. This singular wine has marked acidity and a huge personality. These unique vessels heighten the briny expression of the Albariño while simultaneously forging a historical connection to the ancestral vinification techniques of the Roman period, a time when granite wine presses were already in use in this area.

Pazo Torre Penelas 'Blanco Granito' Albarino - AlbertWines2u
Pazo Torre Penelas 'Blanco Granito' Albarino Sale priceRM355.00

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