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Monin 'Ume Plum' Syrup


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Ume Plum is a traditional Japanese fruit that has a unique combination of sweet and sour flavors. This syrup is perfect for adding a new twist to your drinks, whether you’re making cocktails, mocktails, or even sodas. Our Ume Plum syrup is made with natural ingredients and is free from any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It has a beautiful deep red color and is perfect for adding a unique flavor to your drinks. Ume plum is a common ingredient in traditional North Asian cuisine and is used in a variety of dishes, from savoury to sweet. The sour and slightly sweet flavor of ume plum is often used to balance out the flavors of other ingredients and to add a distinctive taste to dishes. Umeboshi, or pickled ume plum, is a popular condiment in North Asia that is known for its distinct sour taste. It is often used as a seasoning in rice dishes, soups, and salads.


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Monin is a global brand known for its premium syrups, gourmet sauces, and other beverage-related products. Originally founded in France in 1912, Monin has become a popular choice among bartenders, baristas, and chefs worldwide. Their extensive range of flavored syrups caters to a variety of tastes, making them a go-to option for enhancing beverages, from cocktails and coffees to teas and culinary creations.

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