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Monin Triple Sec Curacao Liqueur


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Triple Sec is a liqueur originally invented in France with a bittersweet orange peel flavour. The original Triple Sec is still made with sun-dried orange peels from Haiti. The word ‘sec’ means dry in French. Featuring a mild orange peel flavour, Monin 25a° Triple Sec Curacao liqueur offers great versatility. Monin 25a° Triple Sec Curacao liqueur offers a hint of fresh orange flavour coming from the oil of the orange peel. The amazing combination of sweet and bitter oranges will bring the perfect flavour to all your cocktails, from the classics like the Sidecar, White Lady Kamikaze or Cosmopolitan, to your ultimate creations. Monin 25a° Triple Sec Curacao liqueur can also be used in the most simple drinks, for example just topped with ginger ale or bitter lemon. You can also use it in hot applications mixed with coffee, cream or hot chocolate. I really like to give a twist to my Mint Julep with 20 ml Monin 25a° Triple Sec Curacao liqueur it brings a great orange flavour which balances well with the mint and bourbon flavours.


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Monin (Liqueur)





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In 1912, Georges Monin decided to set up as a liquor and syrup manufacturer in historic Bourges, once the capital of France. From the very beginning, he devoted his products exclusively to the professionals of the bar trade, restaurants, and gourmet retailers who were moved by his determination for outstanding quality which distinguished Monin from the standard brands. His slogan La Passion de la Qualite (“Passion for Quality”) became the Monin motto.

By the 1930s, Monin had become one of the leading fruit syrup brands on the domestic market. The company started to expand overseas; Morocco, Malta, Tunisia, the Caribbean Islands and West Africa, where the tropical fruit used in Monin syrups came from.

Three generations later, Monin is the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of premium syrups, liqueurs, aperitifs, non-alcoholic cocktails and ice tea concentrates.

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