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Miguel Torres 'Cordillera - Vigno' Carignan

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A few centuries ago, when the Spanish Conquistadors started to ‘discover’ South America, they always had monks which brought vines with them – to cultivate for the ‘Mass wine’. They brought local varietals to our region and the Carinena (also known as Carignan) where amongst the most popular. Now, they country have some of the oldest in the world, and the grapes for that wines comes from vines of over 100 years old! At that age, they produces a much smaller volume, but with an amazing concentration.

Historical records show that Carignan was brought to Chile between 1908 and 1947 to complement wines made from the Pais variety. For decades, it languished in blends of bulk wine until the 1980s, when Miguel Torres, with its recently introduced stainless steel tanks, set out to revive the variety. And so, in 1996, Miguel Torres unveiled its first Carignan under the Cordillera label, marking the first chapter in the history of one of our most renowned wines. Producers working with the variety quickly realized the undeniable quality of Carignan wines, inspiring them to join forces in 2009 to establish Chile’s first appellation wine.

In 2010, the producers – including Miguel Torres – signed their first declaration of shared commitments, and VIGNO began taking shape. The goal of VIGNO is to better position the Maule Valley by setting it apart through the development and production of character-driven wines that originate from old vines grown in dryland conditions.

Miguel Torres 'Cordillera - Vigno' Carignan - AlbertWines2u
Miguel Torres 'Cordillera - Vigno' Carignan Sale priceRM158.00

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