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Lamole di Lamole 'Duelame' Chianti Classico

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It is the typical altitude and soil that inspired the name of Duelame Chianti Classico. It is produced from 2 vineyards, planted with indigenous grapes lying at the estate’s two extremes of altitude, the lower at 420 meters and the higher one at 655 meters, lying on lame (literally, ‘blades’) of land, those stratified terraces rich in mineral substances to which Lamole owes its name and which make the landscape of Chianti Classico unique. The wine we obtain is intense and spontaneously heroic in taste. Ageing last bout one and a half years in 50, 70 and 100 hl oak casks. 

Lamole di Lamole 'Duelame' Chianti Classico - AlbertWines2u
Lamole di Lamole 'Duelame' Chianti Classico Sale priceRM160.00

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