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La Chablisienne 'Saint Bris' Sauvignon Blanc


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The Saint-Bris appellation holds the unique distinction of being the only Burgundian AC permitted to be planted with, and to produce, Sauvignon Blanc. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, the resulting wine is all about freshness and pure fruit flavours. This unique wine expresses a distinctly mineral version of Sauvignon Blanc with electrifying bright acidity, taut citrus fruit flavours delivering immense drinking pleasure. Not surprisingly, these crisp wines exhibit impressive, characteristic minerality along with lemon citrus, gooseberry and grass notes. This delightful and refreshing expression of Sauvignon Blanc is ideally suited to dishes featuring white fish, poultry and shellfish. It also offers a crispy counterpoint to richer dishes like pasta with cream sauce or risotto with asparagus.


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750 ml

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750 ml


La Chablisienne




White Wine

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Sauvignon Blanc & Blends



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The story of La Chablisienne begins back in 1923. Under the leadership of Abbe Balitrand, a number of winegrowers joined forces to better withstand the economic difficulties of the period. Together, in the middle of the Chablis vineyards, they created a cooperative winery to market their wines. Until the mid-1950s, the members of the cooperative delivered their production to La Chablisienne, who was then responsible for creating the blends and for selling them, mainly to wholesalers.

However, La Chablisienne wanted to go much further and create a style of its own. So it was decided that the harvest would be delivered in the form of musts (unfermented juice), a particularity that has become the trademark of the house and giving it total control over the winemaking processes. There is constant information sharing between the winegrowers and the technicians, linking the quality of the musts to the parcels that produced the grapes thus ensuring the best possible technical guidance.

La Chablisienne, in true pioneer spirit, has never ceased to meet a wide range of challenges in areas as diverse as winegrowing and winemaking, human resources and marketing. It is the meticulous work of all those involved that gives wines which constantly improve with the passage of time.

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