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Herradura 'Reposado' Tequila

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SKU: TEQ050106

Aged for 11 months (just one month short of being classed as an anejo), Herradura claim to be the first company to age our tequilas in wood, making this the first ever reposado. Superbly integrated flavours. Rich amber with shades of copper, from resting 11 months in american white oak barrels. Warm notes of anise, fruit, and spices come through the central aroma of cooked agave. Surprisingly smooth. Vanilla and butter are peppered in the sweet, cooked agave. Finishes smooth and sweet with a hint of spice to keep things interesting.

Herradura 'Reposado' Tequila
Herradura 'Reposado' Tequila Sale priceRM248.00

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