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El Gobernador Pisco


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In 1928, Juan Torres Casals began distilling his wines to make brandy in the Penedes region of Spain. Eighty-four years later, Miguel Torres Chile produced the winery’s first pisco in the Limari­ Valley, IV region where the variety of Moscatel Rosada and Moscatel de Alejandra­a grapes is harvested, perfect for flavoring ‘El Gobernador’, the name given to our Reserved Pisco. In the dry and sunny climate of the Limari­ Valley, our pisco chileno is made with a single process of discontinuous distillation in a copper still. Its floral and citrus notes give Pisco El Gobernador a versatile and diverse character, ideal for the creation of numerous cocktails. Colourless and bright pisco with a silver glimmer. A lush floral aroma with tinges of roses and jasmine, as well as candied citrus skins. On the palate it is sweet, round, and even creamy, with a long and persistent finish.


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Miguel Torres




Cognac & Brandy

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Backed by a history rooted in winemaking culture in Spain, Miguel Torres Chile arrived in the Curico Valley in 1979 after searching for a new location. On this journey, as well as finding excellent climatic conditions, the family has committed to innovating in wine production, incorporating stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels.

Throughout Chile, our wineries have forged an identity and created unique products according to their climate, providing Miguel Torres Chile with varieties with the typical vinestocks and flavours of this country.

Today, Miguel Torres Chile also focuses its commitment on organic vine-growing and Fair Trade certification for various wines. These advances have helped the company to become more sustainable, and to implement several sustainable projects. With a presence in over 100 countries, the Miguel Torres Chile family winery has established itself over the past 30 years as one of Chile's main producers of high-quality wines, through its products’ identity, respect for the environment, and social responsibility.

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