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Choya 'Yuzu' Japanese Citrus Fruit Liqueur

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SKU: AWS430106

If there is a perfect combination of Umeshu (Plum Wine) with something, it must be yuzu. Famously cultivated in the Shikoku island of Japan, this thorny yet beautiful citrus infuses Umeshu with its floral wonders and its refreshing citrus taste brings out the best of this luxury drink. Sweet blend of Umeshu and the refreshing citrus taste of Yuzu. Enjoy chilled or as a long drink with mixers such as soda.

Choya 'Yuzu' Japanese Citrus Fruit Liqueur - AlbertWines2u
Choya 'Yuzu' Japanese Citrus Fruit Liqueur Sale priceRM145.00

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Fast Delivery & Good Packaging

I received the products two days after placing my order. As I live in a condo the delivery guy was mindful enough to notify me of the delivery. A lady from Albert Wines also text me to confirm receipt of order.

The two bottles of Yuzu wine come packaged in a heavy duty bubble wrap which was very reassuring.

All in all I have a good experience with Albert Wines.

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