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Chateau Marsyas 'B-QA' Red

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Château Marsyas is a distinguished winery situated in the heart of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, a region steeped in winemaking tradition dating back thousands of years. Founded in the early 2000s, Château Marsyas represents a modern vision of Lebanese winemaking, combining ancient vineyard sites with contemporary techniques to produce wines of exceptional quality and character.
Named after the Roman god of fertility and agriculture, Château Marsyas is dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Bekaa Valley. The estate's vineyards benefit from the region's ideal climate and diverse soil types, which provide optimal conditions for cultivating a variety of grape varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and Petit Verdot for red wines, as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Viognier for whites.
In addition to its dedication to winemaking excellence, Château Marsyas places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The estate employs environmentally friendly farming practices and strives to minimize its ecological footprint, ensuring the long-term health and vitality of its vineyards.

Chateau Marsyas 'B-QA' Red - AlbertWines2u
Chateau Marsyas 'B-QA' Red Sale priceRM208.00

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