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Camus 'Rarissimes - Borderies' Cognac Vintage 2004


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The ‘Rarissismes’ range is a selection of the best single vintage Cognacs in the Camus’s Cellar, a pure expression of the year, coming in a very limited volume, for a guaranteed outstanding Cognac. Camus ‘Borderies’ is a Single-Estate Cognac produced exclusively from Camus’ own magnificent vineyards in the very heart of the prestigious Borderies Appellation. Borderies is the oldest and smallest Cru in the appellation, representing less than 5% of the cognac AOC, and also own of the most sought-after (it is the main component of the blend for the infamous ‘Cordon Bleu‘) and reputed for its characteristic floral & delicate bouquet. The mild temperatures during spring 2004 allowed a regular and consistent development of the vines in precious Borderies soil, and the excellent weather in September enabled harvesting at the best possible moment, thus developing the aromas, finesse, balance and character of a 100% Ugni Blanc wine distilled on fine lees. This 21st-century Cognac has spirit, tenacity and charisma. Its light minerality, strong aromas and the charm of its subtle and yet enchanting character won over the House of Camus tasting committee, who naturally chose to enter it into the ‘Rarissimes’ range. Bursting with freshness and intensity, the tangible violet center of its palette of aromas is revealed in just a few moments. Bright gold with amber tints. The violet notes precisely evoke the prestigious Borderies cru, with a delicate touch of oak floating over the aromatic palette. Intense and dynamic, it floods the palate, offering wonderful freshness. This single barrel, Bottled under Bailiff’s supervision October 1st 2014, drawing a mere 407L, bringing only 581 bottles available worldwide, all numbered.


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Deeply attached to their Cognac land, the five generations of Camus family have succeeded Since 1863 in faithfully preserving the brand’s original values. This process of handing down from father to son now ensures the continuity and development of a unique expertise, with the cornerstones remaining the soil, the vine and the grape.

As well as a love and respect for the fruit of the land, the Camus culture is based on innovation and the quest for exceptional aromatic qualities – for above and beyond their role as businessmen the Camus’s see themselves as winegrowers, explorers and passionate lovers of taste.

Laid across 180 hectares in the smallest and rarest AOC cru - the Borderies - the Camus family has always been deeply involved in winemaking and distilling. It is this unbreakable bond between the land, the traditions and the people who live on it that helps them craft superb Cognacs. Today, it is Cyril Camus who is the bearer of all family tradition and oversees the undisputed quality of Camus Cognac. Export development and product development remain at the top, with a passion for innovation. Cyril Camus has entirely modernized the Cognac house’s interiors, relying on a fresh new take on Cognac for the new century.

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