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Article: Champagne Bollinger Night at Nadodi KL!

Champagne Bollinger Night at Nadodi KL! - AlbertWines2u

Champagne Bollinger Night at Nadodi KL!

Our highly anticipated Bollinger event at Nadodi has finally arrived! The atmosphere and setting at Nadodi were welcoming, with soft lighting casting a warm glow and focused spotlights adding an intimate touch to the ambiance.

First Course:  The Welcome Trio

The Bollinger Special Cuvée set the tone as our first champagne for the evening. Crafted predominantly with Pinot Noir, it imparts a fuller and darker flavor profile, complemented by the Chardonnay and Meunier, which contribute to its acidity. I noticed citrusy notes with a subtle hint of pear, concluding with a pleasant touch of nuttiness and a well-balanced acidity to wrap up the experience.
To complement Bollinger Special Cuvée, the Nadodi team indulged us with The Welcome Trio—a combination of Pullisorru Ebi, Foie Gras Chettinad, and Pol Financier.


The Foie Gras Chettinad, a thin pastry with Foie Gras, Malabar Dates chutney, and beetroot, was fresh and crunchy. The Pol Financier had a delightful coconutty touch with a hint of creaminess, while the Pullisorru Ebi had a great balance between punchy and delicate.


Second Course: Buns of Banter

The Buns of Banter followed, featuring a chili mango croustade with a touch of spiciness and had familiar 'serbuk asam boi' flavors to me. This was delicate and proved to be a treat!

The Sambol Bun added a nostalgic twist with its delicious and savory rendition of a classic and beloved bun.



Two dishes were served to pair with the Bollinger Rosé. The first was the Mushroom Monsoon, which featured a rasam base made from portobello, button, and porcini mushrooms. The charcoal-grilled scallop with asparagus and mushroom rasam created a delightful interplay of smokiness and tanginess.
Next up was Sanga Kaalam, Nadodi's interpretation of ven ponggal, featuring Antarctic cod, crab roe, and a rich mildly spiced bone sauce. Served with pickled celtuce, it complemented the Bollinger Rosé, with the champagne harmonizing well with the mildly spiced bone sauce.



The next champagne in our lineup was the Bollinger PN TX 17, crafted from 100% Pinot Noir sourced from the Grand Cru village of Tauxières. It presented a fruity profile, featuring notes of ripe tropical fruits like apricots and peaches, along with delightful undertones of honey and spices.

After that refreshing palate cleanser, the Lambbush continued our food journey with Aragon Lamb served with Paal Poriyal sauce, chestnut purée, and hen of the woods mushrooms. The overall dish had a touch of spice, but the chestnut purée helped offset the spiciness.



Finally, the Bollinger 'La Cote Aux Enfants' Coteaux Champenois 2013 was served, showcasing medium-bodied characteristics, good acidity, and soft tannins. As I tasted it, the initial notes of cherry and plum gradually transformed into prune, sweet spices, and cedar, offering a complex drinking experience.


Bollinger 'La Cote Aux Enfants' Coteaux Champenois 2013 was served with The Nomad's Globe, a trio of chicken biryani featuring short-grain rice, cashew salna, and Kauri Salad—a must-try! What makes Nadodi's biryani unique is their use of short-grain rice, which contributed to a fluffier and more flavorful dish.

As we approached the end of the dinner, Inji Puli served as the pre-dessert – a Tamarind Granita with ginger cream and jaggery, providing a refreshing palate awakening.
For dessert, we savored Millets & Seeds, a delectable rage ice cream with clove crumbles, sunflower seed creme, and dark chocolate, concluding the evening on a sweet note. We capped off the dining experience with a wonderful Camus XO Cognac.




Oh, and don't forget to check out our Bollinger Champagne Cart at Nadodi! 😉



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