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La Croix De Boyd-Cantenac - Margaux 2014

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Amongst the vines of Chateau Boyd-Cantenac in the noble Margaux terroir, a stone cross stands proudly, an emblem of the estate and keeper of the ancestral memory of this vineyard, which has always produced fabulous wines year in, year out. The cross bears the magnificent engraving “Heureux celui qui croit” (He who believes shall be happy), as if to encourage the land to produce an even better wine each year, and to implore the heavens to show generosity to the vines. In 1754, the Boyd family left their Irish homeland and came to settle at Cantenac. Chateau Boyd-Cantenac was born. It was not until 1932 that the Guillemet family, still the owners, bought the vineyard. If Chateau Boyd-Cantenac, 1855 Grand Cru Classe, charms by its subtlety, elegance and suppleness, La Croix de Boyd-Cantenac, boasts similar qualities. Lighter and fruitier, La Croix de Boyd-Cantenac is made with grapes from vine plots that are younger yet just as rich and promising as their elders.

La Croix De Boyd-Cantenac - Margaux 2014 - AlbertWines2u
La Croix De Boyd-Cantenac - Margaux 2014 Sale priceRM235.00

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