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Article: New Series! Newbies Drink Wine: Pinot Noir

New Series! Newbies Drink Wine: Pinot Noir - AlbertWines2u
Wine Knowledge

New Series! Newbies Drink Wine: Pinot Noir


"Newbies Drink Wine" is our new series where our team members with little to no wine experience gather weekly to taste various wines. This is a fun way to expand our wine knowledge, learn how to recognize different tasting notes, and get together as a team.

Pascal Jolivet Attitude (Vintage: 2021)

Pairs well with cold cuts, pate and cheese!

This wine starts with a medium-intensity aroma that brings out scents of jammy cherries and currants. There's also a light mineral smell that adds a bit of interesting complexity. On the palate, the taste mirrors the aroma, with jammy cherry and raspberry flavours. Alongside these fruit notes, there's an earthy quality, a hint of vegetal character, a touch of aniseed, and a flinty aspect. 

One cool thing about this wine is that it has a very slight smoky flavours, even though it didn't spend time in oak barrels. We learned that this is because of something called cold fermentation. This special process gave the wine its unique flavours.


Chanson Cote De Nuits-Villages (Vintage: 2017)

Goes well with an oven-roasted duck breast!

This wine has a gentle and light character, with subtle hints of smokiness, a touch of spice, earthy notes, a bit of ripe strawberry, and a hint of greenness in its aromas. On the palate, it's dry with a moderate level of acidity and flavour intensity. The tannins are quite mild, letting the oaky flavours shine through, and we also noticed a pleasant mix of cherry and a touch of flintiness. 

We noticed that this wine offered a bit more complexity, which could be due to its aging period of 14 to 18 months and the moderate use of new oak.


Oyster Bay Pinot Noir (Vintage: 2020)

Try this with Peking Duck!

On the nose, this wine was bursting with fresh fruit flavours like red cherries and strawberries. It also had a gentle touch of oak and a hint of spiciness.

In terms of taste, it was a dry wine with moderate acidity and tannin levels. It felt quite light on the palate, with the main flavours being raspberry and red cherry, and there's a hint of smokiness in there too.

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