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Article: Familia Torres Wine Dinner at Soleil!

Familia Torres Wine Dinner at Soleil! - AlbertWines2u

Familia Torres Wine Dinner at Soleil!

What an amazing night at Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar in DC Mall with Familia Torres Wines! Last week, Salim Frederic Isler, our Familia Torres brand ambassador, joined us in Malaysia. During the dinner, he shared insightful details about what makes Familia Torres special and the exquisite craftsmanship behind their wines. It was inspiring to hear about the passion and love that go into the wines they create, which made the entire dinner more special.

To start our evening, we enjoyed an amuse-bouche: Smoked Spanish sardines rillettes on sourdough toast with pickled sweet pepper. This delightful bite was paired with the enchanting Vardon Kennett 'Cuvee Esplendor' - Penedes 2014. Tasting a sparkling wine from the 2014 vintage was a rare treat, and this one didn't disappoint. It revealed aromas of citrus and bready notes, delivering a fresh and elegant introduction to the evening.

Our first course featured a beautiful Salted Cod Salad with black olive, semi-dried tomato, lemon, and Cava sorbet. Accompanied by Familia Torres 'Milmanda' Chardonnay - Conca de Barbera 2018, this medium-bodied wine exuded pronounced tropical fruit and bready aromas, impeccably complementing the light and refreshing starter.

For the mains, we brought out the Magnums, presenting Torres' flagship wine, Mas La Plana—a Cabernet Sauvignon boasting intense aromas of cocoa bean and blackcurrants. On the palate, it offered a ripe blackcurrant flavor with a perfect balance of acidity and firm, ripe tannins. It was paired with a slow-cooked free-range Capon, Mushroom ragout, and tarragon sauce. Super yummy!

Afterward, we had a King River purebred Wagyu with Roasted green asparagus and black garlic mashed potato. Paired with Familia Torres 'Gran Muralles' - Conca de Barbera 2015, this full-bodied wine offered a fruit explosion, showcasing blackberries, cherries, plums, and subtle herbal and spice notes.

For dessert, we had a tasty Dried Fruits and Nuts Pudding with Caramelized Apple Ice Cream and Vanilla Sauce. It was great with the Familia Torres '20 - Hors d'Age' Superior Brandy. The brandy made the cinnamon spices in the dessert stand out, giving it a cozy, Christmas-like feeling.

To cap off the evening, at Salim's request, I enjoyed an "Espresso Martini" with Familia Torres '20 Brandy instead of vodka. This unique cocktail left a lasting impression with its rich, creamy, slightly sweet profile and delightful vanilla notes—a perfect way to conclude a memorable night.

Thank you to Chef Evert Onderbeke and his amazing team for making our night so special!

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